Race Director University offers training and professional development for individuals, organizations, non-profit agencies, and corporations in the areas of road race management and production. Basic to advanced levels of course material is presented in a lecture, seminar and roundtable style at your organization or business. Our course material includes both print, PowerPoint, and film.

Do you want to produce a charity event, series of races, marathon, duathlon or triathlon?  Do you want to reduce your expense with event management contractors and suppliers? 

Communication Issues. We have resource material for 95 topics in Contact us to discuss your goals and objectives, and we will send you a proposal for the essential training that is required for your projects and will work with you before, during and after your event. Our core methodology is essential for Risk Management, Legal Liability, Logistics & Operations and road race (sporting events & special event) management. 




While on a trip to Africa and a tour on a safari to search for elephants Reverend T.D. Jakes, world renown Baptist preacher was riding in a Jeep with a Zoologist who could tell him everything that he knew about elephants except one small detail. 

Zoology is a branch of biology that is concerned with the study of animals. The word zoology comes from the Greek word zoom and logos meaning animal and research respectively. Zoologists are also referred to as animal biologists or animal scientists. The field of study of zoologists is known as zoology.

The African wilderness is not a place for an urban preacher to roam, however, despite any trepidation, Reverend T.D. Jakes jumps in a jeep on a safari tour with this zoologist and his driver. Now an experienced zoologist is trained to know and understand the characteristics, nature, behavior, the instinct of animals in the wild including elephants. 

The driver stops at a kiosk, and he picks up a Zulu who knows this terrain well and have been used as a guide to help search for animals in the wild in this case, specifically elephants. 

Now T.D. Jakes, the zoologist, a Zulu, and the driver have been out in the wilderness for the better half of the day and hadn't t spotted an elephant.

As they continued their search, the zoologist began spouting a fountain of scientific information about the area. The Zulu wasn't impressed by the intellectual prowess of this zoologist as he continued to describe the environment where they might find elephants. The Zulu waited quietly, listening for something even more powerful than his counterparts’ knowledge, and suddenly the Zulu sprung up from the Jeep and yelled, "the elephant is ova dere!" 

As the driver led the Jeep in that direction, they saw a herd of elephants lounging and frolicking around the pool of water. The zoologist and Zulu are entirely different. One has book knowledge, and the other has activity knowledge. 

Race Director University has a core philosophy for introducing you to road race management practices. Our method guarantees a specific level understanding and knowledge. 

Intellect is necessary and vital for professional development. It is acquired over a period-of-time which must include practice, which means producing a road race or assisting in the event of a road race. 

As an aspiring professional in road race management, you are required to learn book knowledge (intellectual assets), and with those tools, you sharpen your skills. 

During this process, you become more instinctive, which is commonly referred to as practical knowledge. Everything becomes second nature, and thereby the intellect and instinct begin to fuse. Your ability to make split decisions and manage staff, sponsors, vendors, volunteers during, before and after an event is built upon a foundation of "right actions." Knowing what to do and having your decisions accepted is critical. 

Your leadership and governance are always tested. Professional Development is the process of gaining knowledge and enriching that information with additional concepts and notions.  The Race Director must develop leadership and management skills that are dutiful in the area of sports management, event production, special event planning, communication strategies, logistics, technical knowledge, race timing, and other concepts and methods.

As you grow as a Professional Race Director, you deliberately remove activities that no longer suit your position as it did when you were rookie. We often refer to this as your routine duties and obligations. 

Intellect and Instinct, they must co-exist together.